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So, if you don't know (and I don't blame you for paying more attention to other news stories this week), the UK went into another full lockdown on Monday, including closing all the schools. My kids are at home, and needing home schooling, for at least the next six weeks, if not longer - which is ... pretty exhausting. Cases in our area are average for the UK, right now, but as all the numbers are going up at an alarming rate, that isn't overly reassuring. However, we are all currently well, and one of my family members has already been vaccinated, which was a relief.

As things are relatively okay at the moment, my main feeling is just frustration - because I had a lot of plans, including making more progress on the comic (and projects associated with it), and instead I've got to put the breaks on yet again. It's particularly frustrating to remember that I had to do that exact same thing last January. Still, I do plan to keep plugging away, so we'll see what I can get done.

Meanwhile, I'm going to post some art pieces - I did a few bits of art for fellow SpiderForest members over the last year (since single pics with a two month lead time were just about manageable back then XD), and I figured now's the time to share them here!

This first one is Chief Lara and her daughter Rita, from the comic 'Gifts of Wandering Ice'. It's a fascinating and original post-apocalypse story, with awesome world-building and a great mix of characters of every age - from children to the elderly - all playing important roles in the plot!

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