Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Here's the second batch of character sketches from different SpiderForest collective comics. This is the lot now, though I could have done a bunch more - I didn't realise how many SF comics I read until I did this!

Arianna from Castoff
Ash from Gifts of Wandering Ice
Stitch from Millennium
Captain Charlotte from Court of Roses
Cherlize from The Devil's Own
Yin from Broken
Apollo from The Guide to a Healthy Relationship
Sarrah from What It Takes
Daniel from Daniel
Allie from Evil Witch Allie
Yasha from Terrafold
Landa from Ten Earth Shattering Blows
Cat from October 20
Juniper from Ark
And finally ... Fat Cat from Spare Keys for Strange Doors.

Also, Helen Greetham, creator of Earth in a Pocket is currently running a kickstarter for a collection of her short comics. I very much enjoy her work, so I'm recommending you give this a look!

A reclusive author encounters an unusual "tortoise." An Antarctic explorer is haunted by the ghost of a penguin he ate once. Dodos become a chic pet for time travellers. A tree dies too soon. 'The Dodo Knows' is a collection of eight graphic short stories about things lost and feelings found.

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