Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Self-Storage - 13 of 26

The fabulous Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate is doing the art for this Spare Keys storyline, while I 'relax' with a new baby. Check out her comic here (dooooo iiiitttt):
'After Atrina vanishes through an alien gateway, Leawyn is certain Atrina is still alive and will do whatever it takes to bring her home.'


Spiderforest Comic of the Week continues!

Arbalest - "For six months of darkness at the top of the world, Haelu lives amongst the villagers of Arbalest. Like every Night Twin before her, Haelu is a monster, destined for sacrifice. Unlike every Night Twin before her, Haelu dreams of a way out. Together with a candlemaker from a broken home, she will learn to transcend the role that Arbalest has laid out for her."
Arbalest is a new comic (from Mitsukaiten, who also created Cetiya), but even within thirty-five pages, a very specific atmosphere has been created. Matching the setting, it's dark and chilly - while Haelu doesn't yet know the truth, it's already clear that most of these villagers are not her friends. I love the spare story-telling in this comic; words aren't wasted, and the art gets emotions across with looks and gestures. This story may be heading into some dark places - but it'll be worth joining Haelu on the journey to daylight.

What it Takes - Post-apocalyptic martial arts survival, zombie-free! Colbey survives the end of the world, but while trying to find her fiance amid the ruin, she must navigate scorned scientists, tyrannical factions, and the occasional explosive. Rated R."
I love What it Takes. Really. You should be reading it.
As Kez mentions in her blurb, there are no zombies here - this 'end of the world' scenarion is realistic. In fact, the most realistic thing about it is that ... it's not the end. The shit hit the fan, and a lot of people died - but the remainder is getting back to what people have always done, a) organising themselves, and b) violently arguing about who should be in charge. This isn't so much about what happened to the old world, as who gets to make the new one. Meanwhile, Colbey just wants to stay alive and find her fiance - but she's willing to punch through anything to get to her goal.
This is heading towards the grand finale right now, so it's actually a great time to get on board!

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