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Right, first things first - the final version of 'Julie' has now been completed and uploaded.

As well as finishing the shading in the last three pages, I have also gone back and re-drawn Adrian's face in ... pretty much every panel he appears. Somehow his face had become really doughy and rounded in the story - the complete opposite of his original, angular face shape. I mean, I'm used to some changes in face design as I draw a character more often, but this left him looking like a completely different person, so I decided to go in an change it. The expressions are largely unaltered, just the shape.

And thank GOD that is done. There's nothing quite like coming back to an incredibly tedious task to really motivate you ...

So what next? Well, I haven't managed to get a buffer, which I was kind of hoping I would ... but if I'm honest with myself, I've never been able to maintain a buffer of more than two pages for any length of time. I've no idea why I thought that might suddenly change after twelve years, so I've decided to not worry about it too much.

What I do have is a script, a full set of thumbs-nails, the rough pencils for the first page, and a plan to save time. The plan is a) not to fuss too much over neatening up the inks, and b) to do this first story largely in greyscale. It's a bit sad to put colour on the back-burner, but it won't be a permanent thing, and I think will work quite well for this story ... I'm planning to have a bit of fun with it.

So. The next job is to draw page one, and find out if I can complete it by next week. Note, if I do complete it, I will NOT BE POSTING IT. As I said, I've never kept a large buffer ... but I've found working one page ahead helps my sanity a great deal, and can be maintained.

I WILL, however, be posting next week to let you know how I get on. And if all goes well, the first page will go up the week after next.

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