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Cat Food - 6 of 14

Update: As discussed below, did not get page finished this week. So the next update will be next Thursday - 23rd August. See you then!


This is a heads up that I will need to take a break week either next week or the week after. I've been gradually eroding my buffer by a day a week (excluding the holiday), and as we are now heading to page 7 ... that means I have almost no buffer left - I have one panel of next weeks page drawn so far. For sanity reasons, I would like to get it back. Whether or not I post next week will depend on whether I can get this page finished in time.

For the record, the experiment 'drawing comics with two kids', is largely a success ... but a) the summer holidays are taking their toll (both kids home all day, every day O_O), and b) I always expected that I would have to take a week off on a semi-regular basis just to stay on top of everything, so this is pretty much as predicted.


The August application season for the Spiderforest webcomic Collective is up and running! If you have a webcomic, please consider applying - it really is a great group of people, and I love being a member!

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