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Cat Food - 14 of 14

And that's it ... thank you again to Amy for writing this story - it was a fab script, and I had a great time illustrating it!

I'm really pleased with how things have gone so far - there were some skipped weeks, but on the whole I managed to get the pages done pretty regularly and didn't keel over in the process. So experiment 'Can I Still Make Comics With Two Kids?' seems largely successful.

That said ... I am now going to be taking a rather long break - until January 18th, in fact.

There are various reasons for this, including:
1) I need to write the script and do the thumbnails for the next story (I have a story I very much want to do, but none of it is on paper yet).
2) I would like to be in the next Spiderforest Anthology, so I'll be working on a (very) short story for that, as well.
3) CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS ... especially with the kids, I find getting the comic done over the Christmas period a real challenge, as there are so many other things that need doing in the evenings. So this year, I'm not even going to make the attempt - Christmas is stressful enough without thinking 'I should be drawing that panel with the weird perspective' while writing six billion Christmas cards.
4) I need a break. I no longer have the energy to produce a page a week all year round, so I intend to take breaks between every story from now on - the goal being that then I will be able to update reasonably consistently when a story is underway. Probably won't be as long a break next time though, uuuuunnnnnless it coincides with Christmas again ... .__.

I'm planning to put up monthly progress updates and maybe link a few comics I'm liking at the moment, just to let you guys know that I'm still alive, but otherwise, I will see you in January with a new Spare Keys story!


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