Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Due to both forseen and unforseen circumstances, there won't be an update this week.

The forseen circumstances meant I was expecting to have to skip next week, but then life* kicked my plans over, and I'm going to have to skip this week instead. The good news is that there will definitely be a page next week, as it is close to finished. Just ... not finished enough, and I'm all out of time (and energy) until Monday.

* 'life' in this case manifesting as my eldest eating a daffodil leaf because 'my friend told me to', and then vomiting everywhere and being sent home for two days. She's fine, though. In fact, she has been irrepressibly and exhaustingly fine for the entire two day period.

Just a quick image this week (obviously).

I've always had something of a love/hate relationship with advice books. I've read quite a few, and some of them have been very useful ... but many of them have not. And almost all of them given me the vague (or sometimes quite specific and detailed) impression that I'm DOING IT WRONG.

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