Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Keep Digging - 4 of ?

I put another 'Parenting' comic up last week, which has now been moved over to the relevant section in the Gallery page, if you missed it!

This is our last set of comics for this round of Spider Forest comic of the week. I've enjoyed sharing these with you guys, and hope you've all found soemthing new to read ... as always, remember to check out the Spider Forest Browse Comics page for the full list of comics in the collective!

Michael by D. Randall - What would it be like to be a gemue in an all human high school? Michael is about to find out as his sharkmue genetics begin to show. Some want to put him on a pedestal others want to run him out of school - Michael just wants to survive the ninth grade.

Realm of Owls by Gheralf and Vayandil - Please, have a seat. Wait! Stand up first. Now, sit down. Stand up again. Why are you standing? Sit down. Now, let us tell you of a city run by owls...

The Cyantian Chronicles by Tiffany Ross - The Cyantian Chronicles is a collection of ongoing comics centered around anthropomorphic creatures from another world and their adventures in finding out who they really are, other than a genetically engineered slave race whose roots lie on the planet Earth.

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