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Sorry about that.

This ... has not been a good couple of weeks. I have been so ill, guys! And then the kids got ill (of course). And I'm still kind of ill? I'm still ridiculously tired, and I have no sense of smell which is just really depressing. I keep cooking things and then being all 'Welp, this tastes like salt and nothing', which does not help when I'm supposed to be getting my energy back up.

Clearly, I still haven't managed to get the next page of the Spare Keys story finished ... which isn't just because I've been too sick. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't settle down to it when there was so little left to do, and then finally realised it's because I'm not happy with the damn thing. I need to change it.

In addition to that, I still need to get my story done for the anthology, for which the deadline is fast approaching (or fast in comic terms - it's due in May, which is PRETTY BLOODY SOON when it comes to drawing and colouring pages).

SO. As I still really, REALLY want to be in the anthology, and the current SK story is giving me trouble, I've decided to put it on hold. I'm going to concentrate on doing anthology pages until they are finished, and keep putting up these smaller parenting strips on the SK site. I'm sorry to have yet another break ... but working on two SK stories at the same time is too much. Plus, being sick has put something of a dent in my already rather tight schedule.

As mentioned before, the other parenting comics have been moved to the gallery page.

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