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Keep Digging - 25 of ?

A little while ago, I posted a work-in-progress for a charity project Spider Forest was setting up. Well, it went live today, and I really hope you can donate!

All money raised will go directly to the World Food Programme to help families in Yemen, where the ongoing civil war has left 75% of the population is at risk of starvation - over 22 million people.

In return your support, you will get an original zine with never-before-seen, full-page illustrations from over 50 independent comic creators ... obviously including me! I really enjoyed creating this pic, and I hope you will like it! I'm also grateful for your suggestions of what should go in the box. As you may be able to see, I went for the mandrake idea, though I decided a screaming baby may not be quite in keeping with the spirit of the thing, so instead it is just rather irritated.

Please consider giving to this worthy cause - any amount will get you a copy of the zine, since any amount helps! A link with the zine will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your donation.

A few other things for you to look at ...

First, have a read of these two short horror stories posted to Reddit by my sister, Amy Lyall. She scripted the Spare Keys stories 'Pest Control' and 'Cat Food', and those of you who followed Kaspall may remember some of other work she has posted in the past.

I love Amy's writing and wanted to share these with you! They are very quick reads, and not gory or anything - just, you know, kinda disturbing!

The Girl Who Loved Bugs (TW for abduction and threat of sexual assault)

The Interview

Also, in case you haven't noticed on the SF header, Ally Rom Colthoff, creator of 'Chirault', has just started a new webcomic. Chirault was a great comic, and I'm really looking forward to following this new project - there's nine pages up so far, and the start already has me intrigued!

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