Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Art this week is supplied by my daughter. We had some people round, so she decided to label all the rooms ... This is for the one with my desk, laptop and drawing equipment in (and all my husbands computers as well).

EDIT: ..... you know, looking at this in the cold light of day, rather in the 11pm fug of tiredness and having - yet again - very little to post this week, I feel like I should specify that I do not sit on the computer all day, only pausing to periodically chase my little darlings out of the room ... Rather I can't enter this room for longer than three minutes, without the entire household following me in and starting to mess with everything from my husband's random collection of tiny computers to bottles of india ink. So, yeah, we don't spend much time here when the kids are awake. This picture is still hilariously accurate though, and it is staying on the door forever.

In other news, the Spider Forest webcomic collective is accepting applications until July 31st! It's a great community, from which I've learnt loads and made a bunch of friends - if you want to get involved with some great group projects with other creators, or just feel a little lonely, working away at your webcomic by yourself, I strongly recommend you apply!

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