Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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So, funny story, my husband broke his hip and had to have surgery over the holidays!
Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Yeah, I'll admit, it's not the best Happy New Year I've ever had, but there you go. As you may have guessed, I didn't get much work done on the comic. In fact. Well. It was more like ... none. None work was done on the comic. And I'm not sure how updates are going to be in the near future, as I'm having to do extra round the house at the moment for obvious reasons.

I'm planning on plowing ahead as much as I can though, and things are a little more settled, so fingers-crossed it won't be too long until I can put another page up. I'm also still going to put the anthology script up on my $3 Patreon this month. I guess it's a little less likely that I'll actually get the story done in time for print, but it's not impossible! I'm not giving up yet XD

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