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The last two Spare Keys PDFs are done and dusted!

Tiffany Munro very kindly agreed to put together the cover for Self-Storage, the story she illustrated, so the cover and internal art would match. It's really nice to be able to include it in the set as the seventh issue.

The eighth issue combines the story 'Cat Food' and the story 'Light Work'. I was pleased with the background image I did for that issue, and then I had to cover it with a massive cat, so that's why I've posted the original above XD In case it's not obvious, it's various fancy dress party goers from Julie's party in the story 'Cat Food'.

Also, the SpiderForest webcomics collective will be accepting applications next month, starting on 8th June. If you have a webcomic and would like to join a community, then I strongly recommend you apply! It's a very helpful, supportive and friendly group, and I've learnt a lot from other members. Hell, I got advice and recs from members about this PDF project ...

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