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Well, comics progress is slow, but I've done some pencils so I haven't completely stopped ... which is better than last time :)

I drew this last year for Ingress Adventuring Co.

I want to come up with some kind of witty summary of Ingress that will make you want to read it, but I can't put the words together because my brain has fallen out of my ears. It's ... like ... you know. It's good. Short stories with developing overarching plotline. Main character is this entertaining mix of competent and train-crash ... like, he knows stuff and is also an idiot. Also funny jokes? Angst? Horror bits? Cute tiny dragon? Excellent art? You have to like one or more of those things right? Anyway, go and give it a read.

Also, at SpiderForest we've been doing these monthly themed playlists on Spotify for six months now. It's just a bit of music sharing for comic drawing inspiration and such, but it's produced an interesting mix of stuff, and I've been introduced to a lot of new music - thought some of you might be interested too. This month the theme was 'Grand Travelling Adventures!', and others have included 'On the Platform Waiting for the Train' and 'Quietly Heart-wrenching Scenes'.

If you're interested in which tracks I chose, I've made a playlist with all of my picks here, plus a few extra ones that I didn't think to add at the time, but have stuck on this because why not.

And here's another playlist of things of relatively new stuff I've been listening to ('new' being six years old or less, because that's, like, super new to me these days). Some of them have swears, just to be aware. There is no theme or link between any of this stuff, and I haven't made much attempt to order it, so ... I dunno. There it is? Have some music that you may or may not like. This doesn't include the many songs I have pulled from the SF playlists, btw! ... At least, I tried not to include any, but it's possible one or two might have sneaked in anyway.

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