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A while ago, I sat down and started drawing a few quick sketches of characters from different SpiderForest collective comics, and before I knew it, I'd drawn thirty. I'm posting three a day on Twitter, seeing as it's the SpiderForest application season ... so here are the first fifteen that went up this week - I'll post the next fifteen next week!

Here is the list of characters and the comics they come from:
Little One from 'Earth In a Pocket'
Rava from 'Children of Shadow: Ashes'
Glenn from 'Black Market Magic'
Danbi from 'Heart of Keol'
Sydney from 'Sombulus'
Rocky from 'Ingress Adventuring Co.'
Simone from 'Alethia'
A baby owl from 'Realm of Owls'
Bruno from 'Bruno Harm'
Brand from 'Arbalest'
Eli from 'Soul to Call'
Chiro from 'Damsels Don't Wear Glasses'
Anrak from 'Soul's Journey'
Goldie from 'Aloe'
Nikita from 'Numb'

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