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The wonderful guest art this week is by Kristina Stipetic! I was totally blown away by this - it looks so cool, and she drew so many of many characters!

Please check out Kristina's fabulous comic Alethia, which follows an amnesiac robot in her wanderings through a world populated by other robots, who have continued their work in various 'factories' long after their creators have left (or died?). It's an intriguing setting, which is used to explore all kinds of ideas about life, society and the ways we fool ourselves, or let ourselves be fooled. And if that sounds a bit heavy, you should know that it's also just great fun to read - the stories are light on their feet, with a dry sense of humour that I really enjoy!

#2 Book Progress Update!

Hope you all had a restful break, and a good start to the new year!

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't get a great deal done on the book over the Christmas holidays - we met up with family, and what with worrying about Covid, dealing with my kids who are still more than a little feral, and got completely out of practice with socialising over the past two years, it was rather ... intense. So, yeah, the Christmas fortnight was a bit of a write-off.

However, prior to that I did do some investigations into altering page sizes, and confirmed to myself that the time and effort required to fix it is too much. There isn't a massive different in size between the two - the width will remain the same, it's just the later pages are slightly shorter. It's the kind of thing that's going to bug me when I look at it, but I don't think will affect people's enjoyment of the comic - and would take me several extra months to fix, and quite possibly end with me giving up on the whole project and leaving it unfinished. So, I'm officially setting that aside, and just working with what I've got.

After that, I bashed through a few more pages (including redoing the ones that I did the practice size adjustment on, which was a bit of a bore XD).

Current status on adjustment of pages is:
* Kill the Romance - 100%
* After Death Hang-Ups - 100%
* The Birds - 100%
* In At the Deep End - 100%
* A Small Gift from Leicester - 50%
* Pest Control - 0%
* In the Cabbages - 0%
* 'Julie' - 0%
* Catfood - 0%
* Keep Digging - 0%

I'll be doing my best to make a good bit of progress now we're into January - wish me luck and see you in a couple of weeks!

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