Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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I've nearly finished putting together the Kickstarter campaign! Still on track to launch it this time next week (assuming it gets approved)!! EEEEEEEEEeeeee!!!

The comic I'm posting for the next few weeks is an autobiographical story I made for last year's SpiderForest anthology - Threads: Secret Places. It's six pages long, and I'll be posting it weekly from now.

Yes, that is supposed to be tiny me - fun fact: I got the mole on the wrong side of my face because I forgot I only ever see myself in a mirror XD I enjoyed making this a lot, it was fun doing something a bit different, and also trying to remember what my family home was like when I was little ...

I am hiatusing my Patreon from now onwards, but for a last Patreon extra, every patron can read this story in full right now.

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