Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Marion Sark

Profession: Specialist
Pragmatic, and sometimes irritable (though usually not without cause). Will put up with a certain amount of your nonsense, but there are limits. Has telekinetic abilities and can create force-fields.
Toby's partner.

Toby Hathaway

Profession: Specialist
Generally optimistic and amiable. Quite capable of chatting to complete strangers without feeling socially awkward. Has knack for communicating with animals and seeing things which the rest of us can't.
Marion's partner.

Adrian Walker

Profession: Detective Inspector
Member of the local police force, and designated contact for 'special' cases - i.e. the weird ones that no-one else wants to get involved with.

Fat Cat

Profession: Cat
Belongs to Toby and Marion, as much as a cat belongs to anyone.

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