Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Just to be aware, I want to tidy the site up a bit - which basically will just mean putting all the art posts (apart from whichever is the current one) into the gallery section, so people aren't totally confused if they visit this site!

Also, doing anything on Twitter feels like dropping content into a black hole, so I guess I'm on Bluesky and Mastodon now? I'm here if you'd like to follow me: or


I will be tabling at Thought Bubble this year! It's on 11th & 12th November at Harrogate Convention Centre.

I am posting these general art updates on a semi-regular basis (every couple of months or so). If you want to know what art stuff I'm up to in the meantime, I generally post on my tumblr - you can click one of the links down the side ('My art', 'My photos' or 'Other posts') to filter out all the reblogs.

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