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Hello everyone! First off, as promised:

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Secondly, thank you so much to maiji for this fantastic picture of Robin and Riya! It's so beautiful! :O

I've paired it up with a fan art piece I did for maiji a while ago - of the main character Emmie, from her comic 'Now Recharging'. It's beautifully painted and touching story about an android figuring out their place in the world - combining both fun slice-of-life stories, and tackling difficult questions about life and death, all in a wonderfully gentle, humorous and thoughtful way. Please go check it out!

And now here's my ...

#1 Book Progress Update!

I've been back through what I've already done, got back up to speed with how I was working, and made a bit more progress.

The four main jobs to get print ready are:

1) Design and create a cover,
2) Write and lay out extra internal pages (e.g. title page, contents etc. anything that's not actually comic pages),
3) Design and draw story divider pages - I'm planning on these being plain pages with a small image in the corner, just to give a clear break between stories,
and 4) ...... extend the bleed on possibly every single flipping comic page, because I didn't make it big enough. I made it bigger in the later ones, so that may improve things - but I may also need to alter the size of the later ones, because I changed size in the middle (why Past Me, whhhhhhhyyyyy???)

It probably goes without saying that the last job is by far the biggest. Of the 216 pages I need to do, I have currently done 76 - which is not nothing, and is more than I thought it was, but still leaves quite a lot.

The book will contain the following ten stories. Here is the current status on each:
* Kill the Romance - 100%
* After Death Hang-Ups - 100%
* The Birds - 100%
* In At the Deep End - 90%
* A Small Gift from Leicester - 0%
* Pest Control - 0%
* In the Cabbages - 0%
* 'Julie' - 0%
* Catfood - 0%
* Keep Digging - 0%

I plan to post here every couple of weeks over the next two or three months, to let you know how things are going and share some art - and to motivate myself to keep going, because I know that I'll work faster if I have to hand in a regular progress report XD!

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