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First bit of news – I've added eight slightly damaged / marked copies of the 'Spare Keys for Strange Doors' book to my Ko-fi shop for the reduced price of £15.

The non marked version is £20 - available here; please note that I only have a limited number of these left!

So, this is the first post of something I'm hoping to make a … semi-regular thing? I'm currently using my tumblr as a bit of a playground to post bits and bobs, and also reblog a whole bunch of things you're probably not that interested in, so I'm not expecting many people to follow me on there.

Instead, I'll be dropping a selection here once every couple of months, so you can just get an idea of whatever nonsense I've been up to. You can also visit my tumblr site and click one of the links down the side ('My art', 'My photos' or 'Other posts') to filter out all the reblogs.

At the moment, I'm still very much just running around like an overexcited idiot, picking things up and putting them down again, so do not expect any consistency. It's frankly weird to be able to work in any medium I want and do whatever I like, after years of putting almost all my artistic energy into the comic ...

Question: Bearing in mind that I might abandon this idea in the next ten seconds, and start building a massive sculpture out of mashed potato or something ... would anyone be interested in buying stickers of the Marion / Toby / Fat Cat chibis above? Maybe some other characters, too (suggestions welcome)?

I have a very-rarely-sent-out newsletter. Signed up if you would like to be notified when I'm doing something organised / newsletter-worthy.

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