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THE BIRDS - 03 of 04

TWC vote incentive this week is a panel I pencilled up yesterday - METAPHORICALLY HOT OFF THE PRESS - featuring Detective Inspector West (also, Toby and Fat Cat). You've seen him before in the background, but this is the first time I've done a close up. Still working on how he looks, to be honest. I usually have to draw characters quite a few times before I'm happy with them, and I might tweak this before I ink it.

Also, I'm pretty terrible at coming up with ideas for vote incentives, so I thought I'd try something I did with Kaspall ages ago. Anyone got any questions they want to ask - either me, or the characters? If you can come up with something, I'll have a go at drawing a sketch in reply (though I can't promise a straight answer :P). Include your email, and I'll send you a copy so you don't have to vote to see it.

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