Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Well, I made the comic, resized the comic, saved the comic under the right title ... and then completely failed to upload the comic. Yeah, I'm doing well this week. ANYway, spontaneous Friday update!

Okay, a few of you complained about the 'mailto' thingumy I was using for sign-up to the mailing lists, because it doesn't work for everyone, so I finally got around to changing it. Now, to sign up to either the 'weekly' or the 'completed story' mailing lists you just need to enter your email address one of the boxes (top right on this page), and I'll pick it up. Should work for everybody - and if it doesn't just let me know in the comments.

Also, I took out the link page for that extra page I put in the last story, so apologies if your comments got lost ... I just didn't want a bunch of random images in the archive.

There's no Spiderforest Comic of the Week this week, due to confusion (a significant part of it being my fault. Oops). So I'm going to link a SF comic that didn't join the list - 'Think Before You Think' by Sylvia.
Because I like it quite a lot.

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