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PEST CONTROL - 1 of 17

So, new story. With ... new author! Yes, the more observant will have picked up that I didn't write the script for this story - instead it's been written by my sister Amy. Though I admit I did stick my oar in at a couple of points.

I'm really happy to finally collaborate with her on a project. We've tried it a few times in the past, but for various reasons nothing got off the ground - until now. I always planned to try and work with other people on some of the Spare Keys stories, and obviously Amy was going to be the first person I'd ask. And fortunately, she said yes!

For those of you who don't already know, Amy writes the fictional blog Contact, which I seriously recommend you check out (and which I'll be linking every week while her story is running).

Also, another thing I've finally managed to do is update the TWCL vote incentive. I KNOW, CRAZY RIGHT?
For this story, every week's TWCL vote incentive will be the pencils for next week's page. I've set the incentive to update at the start of the day, but I don't know what timezone it's set to, so it may go up a little early or a little late compared with the actual page. Anyone know how I can find out what they're working to?

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