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PEST CONTROL - 10 of 17

Couple of notices. First off - there will be no update next week as I am on holiday. The next update will be on 6th December.

Second, after Darwin's suggestion, I've decided to run a reader art competition thingy (TM), to pull some stuff together for the hiatus - mainly the bit of the hiatus after SK finishes but before the baby arrives (unless I get flooded with entries, which seems a little unlikely).

You can send in a pic any time between now and the end of January, and it can be Spare Keys OR Kaspall based (if I get any Kaspall art obviously it'll get a link on the Kaspall site). At the end of Jan, I'll be picking one entry out of a hat*, because a) I hate judging things and b) if I ask for reader votes I'll have to put all the art up at once, which kind of defeats the object. The winner will get an A4 ink and watercolour picture of the SK/Kaspall character of their choice. By me, obviously.

From then on, I'll put up the entries as seems sensible at the time - i.e. I might keep one or two back for later on the hiatus ... or I might just put them up once a week until they run out. But they will all appear on the site at some point during the hiatus period, and if you have a website of your own, I'll be happy to link that as well.

* metaphorically.

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