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'JULIE' - 10 of 15

Okay, so ... confession time.

I keep putting off mentioning this, because, let's be honest, as far as this comic is concerned the timing is not ideal and I feel pretty self-conscious about it. But it really is time I told you that ... uh ... I'm pregnant again. And not a little bit pregnant either, I've recently passed the eight month mark.

I know! I just came back of hiatus from the last time! But that did include finishing Kaspall as well. I actually got back to making comics six months after my first baby was born, it just wasn't this comic. This time, this is the only project I'm working on, so I fully intend to get back to it as soon as I'm able. I'm planning to keep the site live, rather than mothballing it the way I did last time (in fact, with luck I may have a fair bit going on, but I'm still working that out at the moment).

If you are a patron, I've made a post about this in the patrons-only feed to discuss my plans - but the short version is, I will not be taking any pledges while I am not working on the comic. I plan to restart things once I begin posting again.

Unfortunately, babies being babies, I can't say either a) when I will be stopping (though I'm going to do my damnedest to get this story finished first), or b) when I will be coming back. But I will be keeping you informed, both via this site and my social media sites. Though I reserve the right to unexpectedly drop off the radar for a bit when the baby arrives (got to love that word 'arrives' - like I'll just get a knock on the front door one day, and there it'll be ... ha ha ha! If only it were that simple :/).

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