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Keep Digging - 3 of ?

For those of you who missed it, last week I posted a comic strip about ... a Mum and her daughter. Obviously any resemblance between this Mum and daughter and any actual Mum and daughter is purely co-incidental (I'd hate to limit myself to things that Actually Happened), but none the less the conversation is taken pretty much straight from the horses mouth as it were.

I've posted it in the Gallery in a new section called 'Parenting Comics', because I win at titles. I'll be posting a few more of these inbetween the usual Spare Keys pages (which are currently being posted biweekly).

I've also had a bit of a tidy up ... I'd forgotten how out of date the sidebar on the Gallery pages was getting, so I've updated those across the site. I've included a TWC voting button, as I know some of you were wanting that! Sorry it's fairly basic ...


More Spider Forest Comics of the Week!

Soul’s Journey by Sophie Pf- Trapped in a wolf's body a prince has to find a way to stop a war.

Children of Eldair by Jemma Young - A sorcerer saves a girl from flesh-eating demons. After trying to use magic to find her friends, he’s trapped in a vision of the past--one that will help him save the world and the girl he loves.

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