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Keep Digging - 5 of 67


With, like, twenty minutes to spare, but whatever. THE POINT IS my story is definitely going to be in the next Spiderforest anthology (assuming it gets funded), which I am pretty flipping excited about as it will be the first time I have managed to actually get something in print! WHOOOO!!

The anthology thing being done means I can now get back to drawing comic pages, as demonstrated by the comic page above *points*. I have also straightened out the issue I was having with this story, so fingers-crossed I'll just be able to get on with it.

BUT ... not for the next two weeks, as I am on holiday (sorry). Though, with luck the Kickstarter for the anthology should be starting up in the second week, in which case I'll be putting up a few panels from my story (SO EXCITED).

After my break, though, I very much want to get cracking. I will be aiming for three pages a month, with a parenting comic thrown in every fourth week. We'll see how that goes. I really doing want to update any slower than that, as I think this is not a story suited to a long, drawn out update schedule. Here's hoping, anyway.

The parenting comics posted in the passed few weeks have all been moved to the relevant section in the Gallery.

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