Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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The kickstarter campaign is now past the second stretch goal, meaning everyone gets A5 mini prints of the alternative cover design! I'm all out of stretch goals now, and currently looking into options for new ones :D

The story I'm currently posting is an autobio short that was included in the 2021 SpiderForest Anthology Threads: Secret Places. This is book is also available as an add-on in the Kickstarter campaign, and includes stories by sixteen other SpiderForest creators in addition to this one!

In other news, the SpiderForest webcomics collective is open for applications! I love being part of this collective - it's full of talented, friendly people, who have a whole lot of communal knowledge about pretty much every aspect of making a webcomic. And are also available for ridiculous conversations on Discord and music recs. So many music recs. So if you have a webcomic and have thought you would like to be part of a group, then check out the application page!

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