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IN AT THE DEEP END - 18 of 27


So here's the thing - I've got a new job. I'm pretty happy with it, and I'm looking forward to having a bit more money, but unsurprisingly I'm also going to have less time for drawing comics.

I'm afraid that means I won't be able to do bi-weekly updates for Spare Keys any more. It'll be down to a page a week, at least until Kaspall is finished. It's pretty annoying, as I've been enjoying the pacing of the bi-weekly pages and I'm not looking forward to slowing things down. But there it is. I hope it doesn't put too many of you off.

There will be two pages next week, and then after that, I'll be on a page-a-week schedule. I'm thinking I'll go with Thursday updates - unless anyone wants to try and persuade me otherwise?

Edit: Forgot to say, for anyone who would rather get the stories in larger chunks, remember there is the 'completed story' mailing list - follow the link next to the comic page, top right.

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