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IN AT THE DEEP END - 19 of 27

I've been thinking that actually ... it doesn't make any difference to me whether I update on Tuesday or Thursday. I picked Thursday because Kaspall updates on Monday, and I thought I might as well spread them out. But might well be easier to update both at the start of the week so *shrug*. So I'm going to throw it open to a vote.

I was going put something on one of those poll sites, but then I thought the easiest thing would be to have two comments below - one for Tuesday and one for Thursday - and have you guys give the thumbs up to whichever you prefer. I put the comments up when I log on tomorrow, unless someone wants to add them for me.

Also, I did a comic for FML, and it's gone up this week along with a little interview thing. It was fun to do something a bit different - link here, if you'd like to take a look! If you don't know how the site works, the comic is inspired by the original post shown just below it.

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