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IN AT THE DEEP END - 21 of 27

My sister Amy just told me she's starting a new story, which will update as a blog.
Some of you may have read her stories previously, if you used to check Sinister Fish on the Kaspall site. I love Amy's writing, and I'm pretty excited about her starting a new one! It's the first update, so take a look, and see what you think ...



New update schedule starts here.

New tablet is working, and I've caught up on everything! Whoot! I've also uploaded the finished version of the previous page.

Some of you have noticed that the comments have been playing up (because things like to go wrong all at the same time, don't they?). Anyway, if you post a comment and it goes missing, it's probably been automatically moved into the spam folder. I'll be checking it regularly, and reinstating non-spam comments - but it'll help if you could post 'comment missing' or similar.

That is all. Carry on.

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