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IN AT THE DEEP END - 22 of 27

I've joined the Spiderforest Comic of the Week link exchange, so I'll be posting about a new comic every week for a bit.

First up is Kez's comic War of Winds.
I admit I hadn't got around to reading it before, but I sat down on Monday to give it a go, and got through the whole thing in 2 or 3 hours - so a nice chunk of archive, without being off-puttingly long. The early art can be a little ropey, but it's great to see how much it improves as she goes along ( ... plus, I know a fair number of you must be used to that *cough Kaspall cough*), and the cast includes some nicely ambiguous characters.
I'm not great at plot summaries, but Kez has helpfully provided one of her own:

"The War of Winds is an epic fantasy about a young man named Talon who takes a flat, blue-steeled ring from a dying woman's hand. He finds himself granted near immortality from mortal wounds, while at the same time, he is dying faster than ever.
Talon quickly finds himself on the run, hunted by a mythical race of half-human, half-beasts called the "Ayenroki," who claim guardianship of what he took. Can Talon find an ally and save himself before time - and fate - catches up with him?"

Go and take a look!

Also, because I've been reading this one for a while and have been meaning to put it on my links page, here's a link to her other webcomic 'What It Takes' as well ...

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