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IN AT THE DEEP END - 25 of 27

Spiderforest Comic of the Week: School Spirit by Dutch

Okay, this has a long archive - not one for a single sitting! But it's a strip comic with episodic storylines, so once you've got the gist of what's going on, it's easy enough to dip in and out, and follow the current story without getting confused.

The strip follows a group of young Australian kids, and their adventures with a) normal school problems, and b) a bunch of friendly / occasionally grumpy ghosts from the cemetery next door to the school. The New Readers page gives an intro and also links to various stories, which gives a good starting point for exploring the archives.

It's an all-ages comic, so the tone is kept fairly gentle; but it avoids that sugar-coating you can sometimes get with all-age stories (i.e. none of the characters fall into the 'sick-makingly adorable moppet' category). Instead, it's written with a nice insight into how kids actually behave - probably due to Dutch being a teacher himself!

Just ... don't tell him that in my head everyone talks with an English accent ...

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