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IN AT THE DEEP END - 26 of 27

Spiderforest Comic of the Week: Cetiya by Mitsukaiten.

Cetiya is another comic with a chunky, but readable archive; I got through it in a couple of hours. This is a cyberpunk manga-style comic, with the twist that the technology is also magic.

The story follows the members of a military organization who fight crime, though there may be some shady people running the place. Characters include a woman with trying to forget her past - not always in healthy ways; and a guy who knows nothing about himself and has a ten second memory unless he's plugged into the right hardware.

There's some nice writing in this one, and Mitsukaiten has an eye for interesting page layouts. Overall, it's got a bit of a William Gibson flavour to it, which is something I'm all in favour of.

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