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Spiderforest Comic of the Week: Footloose by Ally and Em.

Footloose follows the adventures of Keti Jones - which is pretty much as expected considering she's the Primary Protagonist, chosen by the Plot. Part human, part werewolf and part Fey, she enroles in a Faerie Dojo with a whole load of other supernatural types, to learn the kind of skills that she's going to need if she's to be a successful heroine.

This is another comic with a big archive, which I'm still working my way through - but I've been enjoying what I've read so far. There's a lot of likeable and interesting characters, both major and minor (including the fairly awesome Magical Transvestite Cherry, who gets his own donation funded spin-off series); and the story has fun with the ideas of plot conventions and how dramatic narrative works. The first chunk of story is pretty light-hearted, but later develops into something more serious as the Plot gets going.

Note that this comic is on hiatus at the moment, but will be returning soon - giving you (and me ... ) a chance to get caught up!

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