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Oh, national flag. Why must you be so complicated to draw? Anyway, as promised, I'm away this week, so you've just got this. Hope all the UK readers enjoyed the Jubliee Bank Holiday.

Spiderforest Comic of the Week: Sunset Grill by katastrophe.

Seeing as how you've not got a proper Spare Keys page to read, now is an excellent time to go check out one of my old favourites. This is a great comic that's been on my links page for a lot longer than I've been a member of Spiderforest.

The year may be 2426, but that doesn't mean that cities don't still have bars. And shady districts. And bars IN shady districts - like, for instance, Sunset Grill. This is a comic that takes science fiction and social realism, sticks them lot into a blender, and tops the mix off with a healthy dose of black humour. Because, really, the hell not? And the characterisation is great - this isn't a world of 'good guys' and 'bad guys', but real people trying to get by any way they can.

One word about the art - yes, it is 3D. And some people have the habit of taking one look at a 3D comic and bailing. But seriously, give this one a chance. The writing is brilliant, and to be honest, I think the art is pretty good too. Maybe some of the poses and expressions are a little rough at the start, but then that's true of a lot of comics - and kat's work improves with practice, just like it would with any other artist. So check it out!

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