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Spiderforest Comic of the Week: Between Places by Tiana.

Between Places is a long-form fantasy story, with a lot of different elements thrown in. It's sent in a universe where dreamers can make worlds in their sleep - which, as we all know, is a subject that I have no interest in whatsoever *cough*. The Order works to protect the dreamers and the worlds they create, while others are more intent on destroying them. And now a new dreamer called Rease is altering the rules.

There's quite a bit going on in this comic, which makes it a little hard to keep track of at first, but once you get into it there are a lot of interesting ideas. It also has a nicely different art style - it's all digitally painted, which gives a distinctive feel and matches the subject well.

Volume 1 is complete, and starts
here. However, if you fancy a taster, but Tiana is currently updating with a short story that should give you an idea of her style - which starts over here.

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