Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Spiderforest comic of the week is finished for the moment - but after weeks of plugging other peoples comics, I'm going to sneak in one for my own. Because my other comic Kaspall has just moved over to Spiderforest!

For those of you who do read it, the site is now at And for those of you who don't ... it's an anthro detective fantasy sort of ... thing?

It was my first comic, so some of the early art is a bit *cough* ropey. But it gets better, I swear. After over seven years work, it's currently heading towards the conclusion, so I reckon it's a pretty interesting point to start reading. There's certainly a lot of shouting and running about going on. Oh, and a significant amout of cursing, if you have an issue with that sort of thing ...

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