Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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'JULIE' - 1 of 15


First page of the new story, and five points to everyone who saw this coming. You only get five because, let's be honest, there aren't that many recurring characters in this comic. So ... probably time to add another one, right?

Page two of this story is up on Patreon now, for all patrons.


In other news, following our spring application season at Spiderforest, we've accepted ten new comics. Here are the first three, recommended for fans of high fantasy!

Soul's Journey: After running away from home, crown prince Anrak who finds himself trapped in the body of a wolf. While his country is on the verge of war with two neighbouring countries, Anrak has to find a way to regain his body - with the help of two wolf siblings and a mysterious raven. But time is running out.

Tamuran: A kingdom is besieged by dark forces after two princes make a pact with long-banished sorcerers to murder their father and seize the throne. Their younger brother, their father's chosen heir, must journey across the wilds of his country to seek aid for his people, accompanied by a few unlikely protectors. But he finds that the sorcerers' vengeful magics already have a stranglehold on the land, and his brothers' pact may carry a higher cost than anyone could have imagined ...

Halflight: A dark influence is creeping over the land, and Lenya's people are being blamed for it - her choices as she confronts the events unfolding will determine more than her own fate. She makes friends - and enemies - along her way to unraveling the sinister story behind a war that seems inevitable.

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