Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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'JULIE' - 2 of 15

Time to welcome the next three comics from our batch of new arrivals at Spiderforest! These ones are recommended for those that prefer their fantasical stories to come with a bit of a twist.

Title Unrelated: Mara, Twapa, and Erin are three adopted siblings who just wanted to start a band with their friends - but find themselves in the midst of an epic adventure through another world, where gender is irrelevant and teenagers have mysterious psychic powers. Will Erin and Twapa be able to find their missing sister? And what secrets about their family will they discover along the way ... ?

Bits Fair: Everyone's expecting Irya to turn out to be a failure like his brother, but Irya is eager to go off to the Autumn Fair, prove himself worthy to be hired, become a warrior, and, hopefully, never have to go back home.
An elderly women is also heading to the Autumn Fair, looking for a twelve year old warrior boy - while the perpetually upbeat Ananda is being sent there by her mother, who is worried for her daughter's life. The girl herself only wants to eat, sleep and play, and she may end up being the only one who gets to achieve her goals.

Witches Get Stitches: Deadbeat demon Archvold finally has a job under the service of the demi-god Yuel, at the new restaurant 666 Bistro. Together, Archvold will find ways to skip work while Yuel attempts to bring culinary enlightenment to the underworld.

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