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'JULIE' - 15 of 15

And that's your lot!

I'm glad I did manage to get this story finished (minus the shading on the last few pages, but never mind), and I hope you've enjoyed it! If you've got any comments, good or bad, about it then feel free to post them - I always like to hear how things came across.

Soooo, there's going to be a bit of a break now - maybe with some guest art and / or photos, but I reserve the right to post absolutely nothing for the next month, 'cause new babies are pretty all consuming of time and energy, and I really don't want to have to worry about anything else over that period.

Several weeks ago, I got an amazing offer from Tiffany Munro (fellow SF creator of the intriguing Stargazer's Gate, which I strongly recommend you take a look at). She offered to do the art for a full Spare Keys script for me, while I was taking time out for the new baby. My first reaction was along the lines of 'Are you fucking kidding?' - in fact, that may be a direct quote - but after establishing that she was not messing with me, I obviously took up that offer immediately.
So, while getting the art for this last story done, I've also been working on another script - which is now finalised (or as finalised as a comic script ever gets before someone starts drawing it), and with Ti.
The aim is for this story to start updating from Thursday 21st July!

I'm quite frankly delighted that I will not have to put SK on another long hiatus (especially so soon after coming back), so I can't thank Ti enough for offering to do this. I'm also really excited to see the results - this is the first time I've worked with another artist on a script I've written, so it's going to be a really interesting trip just in and of itself. Hope you'll join us!

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