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Self-Storage - 1 of 26

Well, hello! The past few weeks have been something of a blur (in contrast to the first five weeks with my first kid, which seemed to last about ... I dunno, five years or something?), but things are slightly more under control now. Sliiiiightly.

New story! New artist! As I announced prior to the baby turning up, Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate offered to do the art for a Spare Keys story while I slack off and relax with a baby screaming in my face (so relaxing!), because she is quite fabulous and wonderful. I'm really happy I can keep telling stories over my 'maternity leave', and excited to see what she does with the script I've given her - so yeah, FIRST PAGE WHOOOT!!
Hope you enjoy this new story, and here's a link to Ti's comic for you to check out as well :D

ALSO, if you have a webcomic and like the idea of joining a collective, Spiderforest will be opening it's autumn application season from the 1st August.
It's a great group of people with a lot of knowledge to share, definitely recommended for those who want to be part of community. We're looking for all types of comics from all genres to join - Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Slice-of-Life, long-form, short-form, whatever! Just check out the application page for basic requirements, and please note that unfortunately we will not be able to offer hosting this time round - you must be self-hosted.

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