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Self-Storage - 14 of 26

What was that? You have a strange feeling of ... deja vu? Well, after a bit of confusion last week, Ti very kindly agreed to a bit of a redo here. What was one page has now been split into two - so the previous page has also been altered. Sorry for making you wait another week to get the 'next' page ... this whole 'writing for other people' thing is really new for me WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF?! O_O

Meanwhile, I was asked to talk about my comics a little for an article on Imzy* (along with a bunch of other comic creators, some of whom are way cooler than I am). As usual I waffled on for longer than I probably should have - this is the shortened version ha ha ha ... ha - but you might find it interesting, and there's a whole bunch of other stuff that's well worth reading in there as well.
*Yeah, me neither. Apparently it's a new platform for communities and discussion?

The fabulous Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate is doing the art for this Spare Keys storyline, while I 'relax' with a new baby. Check out her comic here (dooooo iiiitttt):
'After Atrina vanishes through an alien gateway, Leawyn is certain Atrina is still alive and will do whatever it takes to bring her home.'

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