Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Self-Storage - 15 of 26

The fabulous Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate is doing the art for this Spare Keys storyline, while I 'relax' with a new baby. Check out her comic here (dooooo iiiitttt):
'After Atrina vanishes through an alien gateway, Leawyn is certain Atrina is still alive and will do whatever it takes to bring her home.'


Spiderforest Comic of the Week!

Castoff - After getting kidnapped and dragged halfway across the world, scaredy-cat Vector finds himself a long, long way from home. Now, with the help of a short tempered bounty hunter, a happy-go-lucky cartographer, and many more unlikely friends, he has to try and make it home in one piece.

Castoff is both great fun and pretty dark at the same time; which is a feat in itself. So far, Vector, the adorable main character, has spent the majority of his time terrified - often with good reason - and sometimes this is played for laughs, while at other times it's really quite touching. Also, while it has elements of traditional high fantasy, I don't really know where the story is headed or what's going on - and that's entertaining in itself. There's enough in the archive to get your teeth into, and things are hotting up story-wise, so take a look!

Sons of the Forgotten - an adventure webcomic that happens in a fantasy world called Freyka where Erric, our main character, will leave his calm village against his father's wishes to follow his dreams of becoming a hero. It is an adventure built out of epic scenes, sense of wonder, discoveries and, most of all, friendship. It is a journey where we will discover, following our main characters, a truth that is hidden from all ...

DID SOMEBODY SAY 'TRADITIONAL HIGH FANTASY'!? Okay, I do love people putting twists on stories and using the setting to tell something a bit different. But there's part of me that also loves it when they play it absolutely straight. So far this is an old school D&D style 'group of unlikely heroes get together to kick arse and take names', and I'm fine with that :D Plus, the artwork is delicious.

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