Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Self-Storage - 19 of 26

Apologies for the delay on this page - Ti was inconvenienced by having to shovel through a bunch of snow drifts (not good for the drawing arm ...). Meanwhile, I'm alternately listening to my daughter telling me about all the things she's going to do 'when it snows', and news reports about how we're having some of the warmest December days on record :( Maybe I could get some Canadian snow mailed over here? I'm thinking they could spare it.


The fabulous Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate is doing the art for this Spare Keys storyline, while I 'relax' with a new baby. Check out her comic here (dooooo iiiitttt):
'After Atrina vanishes through an alien gateway, Leawyn is certain Atrina is still alive and will do whatever it takes to bring her home.'

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