Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Self-Storage - 20 of 26

Look, I'm .... I'm just gonna post this, okay?
And let us never again speak of the fact that Ti got the page to me on time and I just completely failed to post it due to email blindness and pre-Christmas stuff hitting me in the face. The next post will be on Christmas Day, when I will be putting up a piece of guest art that I got through the Spiderforest Secret Santa!

The fabulous Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate is doing the art for this Spare Keys storyline, while I 'relax' with a new baby. Check out her comic here (dooooo iiiitttt):
'After Atrina vanishes through an alien gateway, Leawyn is certain Atrina is still alive and will do whatever it takes to bring her home.'


Spiderforest Comics of the Week!

Supervillainous - The Crimson Claw is a family man, fiercely devoted to the people he loves, and ...largely indifferent to the rest. He's a well-known supervillain who played the game the smart way, and built both a home and one heck of an arsenal. In the capes world, life can be chaotic, and it's not easy to raise a family. The Crimson Claw, however, is hardly the type to back down from a challenge.

Retroblade - In the year 3007 a reality crash has wiped everything out. The last known survivor, Axel Kepler is working his way backwards through time, trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
With a severely out of touch Database, a Transmutation Device for food (that if anything, makes molecules less edible than they were before) and only a cryptic Blueprint left by his sister to guide him, he needs help ...
He needs a Team.
Together, they will find out how to fix things, who the good guys really are ... and why people from the future have such cheesy haircuts.

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