Spare Keys for Strange Doors
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Self-Storage - 23 of 26

Hello all, hope you guys are doing okay! Things are going pretty well at this end - jobs ticked off include a new 'cover' page for Kaspall and minor alterations to the site (to put that story to bed properly); and completing the thumbnails for the next Spare Keys story (eeek!). I'm also well into sorting out the finished version of 'Julie' ... though I'm making extra work for myself there, which I will explain later.

Meanwhile, we have two more pages of this story left after this one - for definite this time. Yes, I may have tweaked the script because I CAN'T LEAVE THINGS THE F*** ALONE, GOOD GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME but Ti's done the rough pencils with dialogue now, and they're looking good. There is a minor alteration to the previous page though ...

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