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Keep Digging - 32 of 67

(You guys remember Constable Owen, right?)

Apologies for this being a week late, but my whole family (including myself) came down with various varieties of lurgy, as is traditional at Christmas. But everyone is on the mend now, thank god.

I did manage to put up a post on my Patreon this week, for the $3 tier. I'm planning to be in the SpiderForest anthology in 2020, and I've decided to put my progress on the story up on Patreon. This first one was about coming up with an idea, including a brief glimpse into the mess that is my notebook when I'm trying to pin something down on paper but I'm not quite sure what it even is yet. I will also be posting an enlarged version of the first panel on this page in the next few days.

I wanted to do a quick plug for fellow SpiderForest comic Earth in a Pocket, which is almost done! The final 'main story' page went up this week, and now we are into epilogue territory. I only caught up with it relatively recently, but I wish I'd got into it sooner, because I've been really enjoying it. It's a deceptively simple story of a woman stranded on a strange world, with only a group of child-like aliens to keep her company. It manages to pull in a lot of interesting ideas about fear, death, history and how we get meaning from life ... plus you really want Halisi to make it out okay! So go check it out before it finishes!

Hopefully I will have a piece of art to post over Christmas, but otherwise I will be taking a little break. Hope you guys all have a good time, even (especially?) if you are have to go to work or are trying to avoid all things Christmas related ...

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