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Keep Digging - 44 + 45 of 67

Because it's about fifty-billion years ago now, you may not remember, but this is referencing page 5. Next page ... next week!

In other news, I got sent this awesome piece of reader art! Isn't it fantastic?!
I've also put it up in the Gallery if you would like to see a bigger version.

It was sent to me by fellow SpiderForest member maiji, who creates the comic Now Recharging. I love this comic - it's the story of Emmie, who is an android, in a world where robots are just part of everyday life. Except Emmie is not designed for a specific purpose, instead they need to figure out what they want to do with their life all by themselves - much like the rest of us!

It's a gentle story, mainly focusing on Emmie's day-to-day life, and the lives of their fellow robots; but it tackles some very big themes - including how we think about death, and our own identities - in a sensitive and touching way. The art is beautiful, with a really distinctive and expressive style (as you might judge from the pic above)! It's also a lot of fun, and Emmie is such an adorable protagonist I can't even.

Oh, and I also love how the setting weaves together traditional and hi-tech ideas in fun ways - like the library, where there is still a library card catalogue, only the cards are actually tiny, cute robots that will help you find books ...

So, yeah, check it out!

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