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Keep Digging - 46 of 67

SpiderForest member Shea is running a Kickstarter right now for Magefront, volume 1! Which I have already pledged for, so I would be super happy if you help make this thing happen XD

Magefront is about Amarantha, a young necromancer who is in training to fight in an ongoing and questionable war ... which sounds dark, and ... kinda is? But the flavour of this comic is a great mix of sweet and sour that I really like.

There's light-heartedness, seriousness, silly jokes and dark themes all bubbling away in there - this feels like isn't going to be a straight-forward 'good guys vs. bad guys' story, and it's probably going to head to some difficult places, but it's still got space to have plenty of fun as well. All of which is nowhere better represented than in Inky (not it's real name), the wraith Amarantha summons, and who somehow manages to be both terrifying and cute at the same time.

Take a look at the comic, or back the Kickstarter (or both, do both).

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