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Keep Digging - 58 of 67

Okay, so, clearly didn't update last week - a combination of collapsing on the floor at the end of the summer holidays, and realising that I didn't actually like the original version of this page, and so needing to alter it at the last minute. BUT NEVER MIND, MOVING ON, MOVING ON ...

Spiderforest member Eightfish has a Kickstarter running for her very cool comic Puppeteer!

"A self-proclaimed minor goddess offers Eli the ability to leave his body and take control of people. But to her displeasure, all he wants to do with it is float around and people-watch and neglect his actual friends."

I've really enjoyed following this story, and was excited to back this project! It will collect the complete story in one book, and its already hit its goal, so you if you back it, you're gonna get a copy.

Also, please check out our second batch of new Spiderforest members! (I am super behind on doing these announcements now, but I'm gonna carry on because goddamnit the comics are still here and they're still good!)

Gharr, an alien researcher, gets stranded on Earth after making one too many rash decisions. He has no way of calling back for help, and no certainty that the natives are to be trusted... So began the First Contact Incident.

Aspiring witch Violet Amaryllis aims to reform the corrupt Hero Industry, and attending academy Calia Nova seems like the perfect way to do it! However, she's swept up in politics and rivalries, and learns that justice prevails... until it doesn't.

Simon is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter who is being haunted by a mysterious spirit in his home. His best friend Chakor, who just so happens to be a lich, promises him that with the help of his own ghost hunting dance squad they can fight it.

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